While it is important for little girls to feel like a princess it is also important for them to be physically safe. Most parents know if their children have sensitive skin and how their skin reacts to certain metals due to to early prognosis and/or experience. All of the wires in this short Wire-Pedia will be used in the making of Heavenian Girl Jewelry and will always be listed next to each item. This should provide comfort to parents purchasing jewelry for their princess. You never have to worry about the authenticity of the metals when purchasing Heavenian Girl Jewelry, no recycled mystery wire.Learn about the different wires we use, in order to select the best pair of earrings for your Little Angel.



Brass :

Brass is a less expensive alternative to gold fill or solid gold. Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc. The color of brass varies from a dark reddish brown to a light silvery yellow depending on the amount of zinc present; the more zinc, the lighter the color. Brass is stronger and harder than copper, but not as strong or hard as steel. It is easy to form into various shapes, a good conductor of heat, and generally resistant to corrosion from salt water.


Copper :

Copper is an excellent metal for jewelry. It can hang for years and not tarnish. If you are a parent and you have found that your little princess is allergic to the earrings in the store that are not fine jewelry ask your doctor about copper. Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral because it is a key constituent of the respiratory enzyme complex cytochrome c oxidase. In mollusk and crustaceans, opper is a constituent of the blood pigment hemocyanin, , replaced by the iron-complexed hemoglobin in fish and other vertebrates. In humans, copper is found mainly in the liver, muscle, and bone. The adult body contains between 1.4 and 2.1 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight.

Pink Rose Copper :

Pink Rose Copper wire is a great alternative for sterling silver when making jewelry for little girls. Most girls like pink so a hint of permanent light pink is ideal for their small earrings. It is an extremely versatile wire plated with sterling silver and permanently colored pink.

Gold Fill :

Gold-filled is a reasonably priced, quality alternative to solid gold. Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel like plated or "dipped" products. Nor does it tarnish as readily as silver. Many owners find that they never have to clean gold-filled items at all. It is a quality material that is common in all types of jewelry. The product is easy to care for and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime.


14k Rose Gold-Filled

14k Rose gold-filled wire is made by fusing an alloy of copper and 14kt gold to a base metal, resulting in a permanent bond. Fusion Beads offers rose gold-filled half hard wire in 1/2 ounce packages in a variety of popular gauges. Some people who are especially sensitive to copper may have allergic reactions to rose gold-filled wire due to the copper present in the alloy.

Sterling Silver :

Sterling Silver is beautiful and shiny when it is polished but very quickly it can become dark due to its reactions to common components of atmospheric pollution. It needs to be cleaned with a cloth often. Sterling silver is the world’s most popular silver alloy. It consists of 92.5% silver combined with other metals (mainly copper). Ideal for jewelry, sterling silver preserves the color and luster of pure silver, while making it considerably more hardwearing.

Titanium :

Titanium is a metal that Heavenian Girl skipped over originally. It wasn’t until I met a little girl that could only wear titanium while teaching at an elementary school. She really wanted to wear my earrings but I didn’t have anything made out of titanium wire so I had to purchase some. Titanium is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine. Because of its durability, titanium has become more popular for designer jewelry. Its inertness makes it a good choice for those with allergies.