Heavenian Girl jewelry is handcrafted with care by founder and designer Carlin Watson. This site features "The Little Angels Collection" , created for elementary school girls. Every little girl likes to feel like a princess, and "The Little Angels Collection" gives your little angel the touch of elegance and glamour she needs without the expensive price of fine jewelry. All earrings are made with known metals: copper, pink rose copper, sterling silver, gold filled, brass, rose gold, or titanium wire. The type of wire used for each earring is conveniently located in the product description. The decor used include semi-precious beads/stones, multi-color glass beads, swarovski crystal beads, reconstructed stone, etc.  Each design is unique and one of a kind, but can be closely duplicated upon request. 



Heavenian Girl Little Angels Collection Inspiration

One day Auntie Carlin (aka) Heavenian Girl went shopping for her beautiful nieces and could not find any nice colorful earrings for them to wear and the only earrings that she liked were in the fine jewelry section. What she did find is plenty of junk and tarnishing recycled unknown metals hanging in stores for little girls to place in their ears. Very unhappy with the jewelry selection for little girls, Auntie Carlin decided to craft earrings so her nieces would have something special and of good quality that they could wear daily. She made several earrings for her nieces and they liked them so much that it inspired her to make earrings available for all little girls that want to feel pretty wearing earrings designed specifically for them.


These little princesses wore the same earrings to school almost everyday.  Now they can have fun matching their clothing with Little Angels earrings in different colors daily.